Never Late, always on time

In a recent edition of Late, I wrote:

Those who support or loath any of the above positions are likely displeased by this overview. Things have not been considered, caveats strategically left out or overlooked, my own agenda seeping through the lazy analysis, etc. etc. Substack exists so you can air your own grievances in peace and quiet while I go ahead and air mine.

And this is, more or less, what Late is for — a place to put in writing what I think I’m thinking about trends, ideas, companies, fads, or anything else that just won’t stop taking up space in my head.

Late started in 2019, just before the Substack bull market really accelerated. This letter is the outgrowth of a conversation I had with someone who was (and still is!) making the one-person, subscription-only thing work.

“Just start a newsletter and see what happens,” they said.

And so here we are.

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